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Students just like other consumers rely on a number of sources in order to get market insights on providers and products they are about to buy. They will ask their friends and peers, parents and even look out for authorities. Before buying any product it’s always good to carry out pre purchase process. After being convinced on a certain brand users may happily acquire it. When buying services online consumers often depend on online reviews provided by e-commerce providers.

With reviews it is hard to get it wrong, getting to know experience of past users opens up one’s mind on whether to satisfy the want or to forego it. However, essay companies do not offer customer reviews as a result users are often confronted with the reality of choosing and doing it right so as not to get bad providers.

Students as consumers on essay companies

Students form a greater portion of essay companies’ market share; they engage these companies when in need of custom essays. Writing companies offer services at a fee but not all of them are genuine. For students to hire essay companies they should probe them further look for reviews before they entrust them with their assignments and money. At we help students make no hiring mistakes.

Why review essay writing companies

Essay writing company is poorly regulated thus spotting and blacklisting rogue providers is near impossible. Students should however take advantage of current developments since it is now easier to identify genuine and bad providers.

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With reviews that are informed by previous users of this service students are able to learn from others experience and make good judgments when engaging writing companies. By using reviews users are safe from learning the hard way as their decisions are informed by users who have engaged these providers before. Besides, reviews increase success levels of purchases up to 94% this is why we should have reviews for essay companies.

How works

At we review companies based on previous real customer experience whereby we collect data from users who use our site that we use when rating different providers. Lastly, our professions probe essay provider on various features then come up with a summarized report composed of users experience and professional insights. This information is made available on our website for students. At we take no chances when it comes to protecting student users.